Beyond 2021 Recap: Rise of the Analytics Engineer

Beyond 2021 Recap: Rise of the Analytics Engineer

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The Rise of the Analytics Engineer

It’s an exciting time to be in the data space. it’s constantly changing on all levels of the modern data stack. We ourselves are leveraging tools across the stack such as dbt, Fivetran, Snowflake, ThoughtSpot, and of course, SeekWell, to get the most out of our data.

The analytics engineer is a new role emerging at the intersection of the data engineer and data analyst. Analytics engineers focus on the transformation of raw data into transformed, consistent, clean data that is ready for analysis by the business. This new role on the data team changes the responsibilities of data engineers and data analysts.

  • Data engineers can focus on larger data architecture and the EL in ELT.
  • Data analysts can focus on insight and dashboard work using the transformed data.
At a small company or digital native, a data team of one or a handful of folks may own all three of these roles and responsibilities. As the team grows, the lines between these roles may become more distinct.

At Beyond 2021, Maggie O’Neill, product marketing manager at ThoughtSpot, talked about the role of the analytics engineer and how, along with ThoughtSpot along and dbt, SeekWell is building new capabilities to support this emerging role.

  • Data Workspace: new home for data engineers, analysts, and analytics engineers (3:07)
  • SpotApps (3:59)
  • ThoughtSpot blocks: Accelerate use cases with pre-built objects (5:15)
  • Custom SQL editor: Giving you the flexibility to generate your own SQL views (16:30)
  • Demo: Data Workspace (17:10)
  • Demo: SeekWell —> HubSpot & Google Sheets (19:53)

Panel Discussion

Mike Ritchie, SeekWells founder and now VP engineering at ThoughtSpot, was joined by Dmitri Mirakyan, product analytics manager at Opendoor, and Anna Filipoova, the director of community for the much-lauded community at dbt Labs, for a panel discussion where they discussed:

  • the emerging role of the analytics engineer
  • tools and best practices analytics engineers love
  • key trends they’re seeing in the analytics space

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